Undergraduate Computer Science Advising - Prospective Students

Please select the adviser you wish to meet with, or choose “no preference” to meet with the first available adviser.

If you have a quick question please note you can also send to cs-advising@eecs.berkeley.edu

All advising is now remote.

Note: Current students, please schedule an appointment using the Appointment Center in Cal Central Portal (make sure you select “Computer Science Advising” and do not select “in-person”).

Charlene Duncan

Undergraduate CS Adviser and CS Scholars Coordinator
349 Soda Hall

Lydia Raya

CS Undergraduate Adviser
349 Soda Hall

Leslie Mach

CS Undergraduate Adviser
349 Soda Hall

Carol Marshall

CS Undergraduate Advisor
349 Soda Hall


Heather Levien

EE/CS Academic Advising
205 Cory Hall