Undergraduate Computer Science Advising - Prospective Students

Please select the adviser you wish to meet with, or choose “no preference” to meet with the first available adviser.

If you have a quick question please note you can also send to cs-advising@eecs.berkeley.edu

All advising is now remote.

Note: Current students, please schedule an appointment using the Appointment Center in Cal Central Portal (make sure you select “Computer Science Advising” and do not select “in-person”).

Charlene Hughes

Undergraduate CS Adviser and CS Scholars Coordinator
349 Soda Hall

Lydia Raya

CS Undergraduate Adviser
349 Soda Hall

Andrea Mejia Valencia

EECS/LSCS Undergraduate Academic Advisor
205 Cory Hall

Leslie Mach

CS Undergraduate Adviser
349 Soda Hall

Carol Marshall

CS Undergraduate Advisor
349 Soda Hall


Heather Levien

EE/CS Academic Advising
205 Cory Hall