Undergraduate Computer Science Department Advising

Please select the adviser you wish to meet with, or choose “no preference” to meet with the first available adviser.

For the summer, there will be limited advising appointments, if you have a quick question and can’t find an appointment, please drop in during these times:
M 10am -12pm (203 and 205 Cory)
W 1pm - 3pm (379 Soda and 205 Cory)
F 10am - 12pm (379 Soda, 203 Cory, and 205 Cory)

New students starting in the coming Fall or Spring semester are asked to please participate in an online Computer Science advising session between June 27th and July 10th. New students may schedule an advising appointment only AFTER July 10th.

Charlene Hughes

Undergraduate CS Adviser and CS Scholars Coordinator
203 Cory Hall


CS Undergraduate Advisor
377 Soda Hall

Lily Zhang

Undergraduate CS Adviser
379 Soda Hall

Lydia Raya

EE/CS Undergraduate Adviser and EE Scheduler
205 Cory Hall

Nicole McIntyre

Undergraduate EE/CS Adviser and Undergraduate Programs Coordinator
205 Cory Hall